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An app keeping all your recipes together


About foodfiler

Ever snap a pic of a great recipe but lose it somewhere in your photos app? Now that you have Foodfiler, you'll never lose sight of that recipe ever again!

> Create categories for easy filing

> Add a recipe, input the title and then upload a cover image

> In the recipe, upload as many images as you like till you've completed your recipe

> Store images of recipes from cookbooks, magazines and screenshots of websites

> Our search tool means you don't have to scroll through all your recipes to find what you're looking for

Life sorted!

Using a Touch Phone


Foodfiler is all about filing pictures. Upload pictures of your favourite recipes whether by taking a photo, uploading from your pictures or a screen shot from a website

You can upload page after page until you have your whole recipe covered

Click on your recipe and see it in full page view

Keep your recipes sorted. Create folders to store your recipes where you can easily find them

No matter how many recipes you have, you can always find that 'one' by using our title search feature

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